Tuesday, March 13, 2012


All the clocks have sprung forward except for my internal one.

It is so nice to hear birds chirping again in the morning when I do awaken.  It is always such a sad morning in the fall when I realize how quiet it is without them greeting the day.  The spring day I hear them again always brings such joy and cheer.

We are having nice, sunny, warm days.  There is open water on the lakes, lots of it.  I overheard someone say that usually doesn't happen until around April 15th.  We're a bit ahead of that this year.

We're doing pretty well at getting our bookwork done for school.  Our goal to finish at the end of April, I think, is reachable.  Next week we'll take it on the road and go visit Mamaw.

The calendar is filling with music recitals.  So far none fall on days we can't be there.  We are excited to attend the performance of The Tempest at Bethany in April.

Speaking of Shakespeare, we received our schedule of this year's American Players Theatre.  We're figuring out which one to attend (or maybe more than one).  It was such a great experience last year, we can't wait for this year.

David called New Saint Andrews College to ask questions about their school.  Hannah has always been interested in Latin and Ancient Greece and Rome and a classics degree intrigues her.  David had a nice conversation and a few days later, Hannah received a package in the mail.  Inside was a thank you to her and a thank you to David as well as a book by Professor Benjamin Merkle titled, The White Horse King, The Life of Alfred the Great.  That's the coolest "we'd like you to consider our college" gift I've ever experienced.  David has read and enjoyed the book.  Grandpa wanted to read it next, when he is finished, it is Hannah's turn before I get my opportunity.

If you haven't noticed (what? - you don't analyze and critique and hang on every little change to my blog?!?!!!!), I've added pages.  I wasn't happy with the cluttered look of the side bar, so I moved them to various pages.  Now there is a Recipe page where I've linked to the blog posts in which I've shared a recipe.  There is also a Reading page where I'm keeping a list of all the books I've read since September of 2011.  I plan to add more pages as time allows, and I hope this makes it easier for you and me to find a nugget of information you remember reading.

And if you've read this far, go check out this link.  It will tell you why we want to finish our bookwork by the end of April.

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