Friday, March 30, 2012

Plethora of Pictures

The kids and I went to my mom's the third week of March and here are some things we did:

We helped watch little Daniel, the three month old baby Mom babysits three days a week.
He was never at a loss for someone to hold him.

We went shopping for shoes at our favorite shoe store.
Should I go this way. . .

No, I think I should go this way.

My sister is a manager of the one we shopped at so we got the bonus of seeing her! Then she took us to the zoo.  We even stopped and picked up Sydney, my sister's granddaughter (which would make her my great niece) to go with us.

No, my kids didn't fight over who could stand in the shade.

Sydney loves for "the kids" (aka my children) to come visit and was quite happy to come with us to the zoo.

I had no idea rhinoceroses were so big.  I'm not sure what I thought the size should be, but I was standing in awe at just what massive creatures they are.  And I thought I had taken a picture of them.  Apparently not.  I must have simply stood and admired these big animals.

The kids complained of the heat.  What?  Sunny and 86 on March 21st is something to complain about?  We did let them have something to drink.

We celebrated Nathan's 12th birthday.

He requested fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, gravy, and corn.  Not to mention Angel Food Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream.  It was yummy.

No candles to blow out this year.

We helped hold Weston, the son of my cousin's daughter.  So that makes him my first cousin twice removed, I think.  He is a seven month old cutie with lovely copper colored hair.  Mom was watching him for a few days while his mom and dad and two brothers, along with his aunt and uncle and cousins, and grandpa and grandma went to the beach for a little get away.

So much baby cuteness we experienced this week!

They all live in the Henryville area and you maybe heard about what that community has gone through recently.  After the initial shock and adrenaline of what to do immediately wore off, they needed a break from the constant view of devastation.  Mom watched Weston so that the adults could attend to the five or six other littles going and not worry about Weston crawling in and eating the sand.

We took the obligatory picture of Mom, the kids, and my nephew Shawn, who lives with my mom, right before we left, because, you know, we didn't have all week or anything to think about it prior to that moment before loading the van to drive home.

It was a lovely, although quick, trip.  And we all look forward to the next time we get to go visit.

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