Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lovely Lace

My mom gave me her lace curtains which she no longer uses.  David helped me to hang them last Monday.  I love them and am so happy with them.  Thanks Mom!

On the back of the front door:

In the office which faces the front porch:
Theoretically, I sit and scrapbook facing this window.

This is a close-up of the office curtains.  I love the flower and swirls.

On the landing going upstairs:

Close-up of the curtains on the landing.  I love the way the folds lie (lay? Why can I never figure that out in real-time usage, but only on a grammar worksheet?) while hanging at the window.

The lace-edged curtain in Ellie and Abby's room.

We have one more set yet to hang in Hannah's room.  Her curtain curtain rod is not the right kind, therefore it will have to wait till we buy the appropriate size.  But you can imagine what it will be because it is identical to the one hanging on the back of the front door, only in white, not cream.

Yes, this parsonage built in 1925 is perfect for lace curtains.  Have I said that I love them?  Not since the beginning?  Well, then, I'll say it again, I love the lace curtains. They're so pretty,  delicate, and elegant.  Thanks Mom!

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