Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Lord is My Strength

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Ruth, Hannah's organ teacher whom I asked for you to pray.  She looked lovely, was having a nice day, and I enjoyed our short visit.  She is overcome with the outpouring of prayers, love, kindness, and concern people have shown her, and is truly thankful.  I then had the pleasure of her calling the nurse in the nicu to grant permission for me to go see her son John.  After my goodbyes to Ruth, I walked down two floors, signed-in at the desk, and was graciously received by John's nurse who then showed me to where he lay sleeping.

He is now three pounds.  So tiny, delicate, yet perfect, and peacefully sleeping.  He is doing very well and only awaits time for development.  Ruth is able to come see him and they bring John to visit her.  As a mother, I was overwhelmed seeing this perfect tiny boy God created, and knowing that some women kill theirs, and I held back my tears, lest they not stop, and forced myself to ask the nurse another question.

If you would like to keep up with news about Ruth and John you can click on this website.  If you happen to be on Facebook there is also a group, "Pray for Ruth Webber" which you can join and keep up to date.

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