Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She's Home!

Last night we picked Hannah up at the airport. We arrived and saw on the screen that her plane had just landed and was taxing to the gate.  We waited anxiously to see her walk through the doors of the international terminal.

Finally she came through and I was too happy to hold the camera still to get an in-focus picture.

But after I hugged her and wiped away my tears of joy, I was able to get a decent picture of her hugging her sister.

She had been up for a long time and said she wasn't tired because she had drank so much tea that day.  We, however, had yet to eat supper, so we went to McDonald's where we peppered her with questions galore while we filled our bellies.  It was only on the way home that the long trip began to take its toll.  At home, she shared some more experiences with us, but her eyes became heavier and heavier and we shooed her to bed reminding her that we would be here in the morning.

It will be so nice to hug her again this morning.  And David and I have decided, like all parents before us, that our kids can't go away to college, we'll miss them too much.  We can just give that edict and it'll work, right?  Well, at least for now, all our offspring are once more under our roof.  Thanks be to God!


Cheryl said...

Remembering how we felt when Phillip got home from Congo and choking up with joy for you! There's nothing like that moment when you first lay eyes on them again.

organistsandra said...

This may sound weird, Glenda, because I don't know you that well, but I really love you and your family. It's like how we thank God for saints and how we see His work through them and in their lives. I see God's love in you.