Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Wit

We moved our china hutch from the wall it has been adorning the entire nine years we've lived in this house to the other wall in the dining room.  I had wanted to try this arrangement for awhile but never felt the urge to do all the work.  But Nathan has been pestering asking us to move the china hutch because it sits over the return air grate.  And he wanted to recover the lost Playmobil coins and Lego helmet that had fallen into the duct eons ago.

Last night was the night.  As I dusted the china hutch and rearranged the dishes back into the cabinet in its new location, David and Nathan took off the grate and began retrieving the detritus.

As things were discovered along, in, and amongst, the multitude of dust bunny colonies, condominiums, and high rises, Nathan would gleefully express delight about a now retrieved toy.

David commented, "It's like a walk down memory lane."
Nathan replied, "Wow, memory lane is dirty."

It should be easier, theoretically, to recover those missing items now only having to move plants and not a whole china hutch.


Laura said...

Oh, man...I thought we were going to see inside the vent! We had one of those in our house when the kids were really young...and they put all sorts of things in there! Next time.:)

Glenda said...

Oh Laura, I didn't even think to take a picture of all that dirt! I was bent on cleaning and then laughing at what Nathan said.

Fortunately the kids don't put things down there on purpose, but there is always accidents and oopsies. :-)