Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We've been delighted to find around the house little notes left for us by Hannah.  We have no idea how many are to be found but following are the ones so far discovered.

In the freezer on top of the meat:
"Go ahead and eat all the ham while I'm gone.  I don't mind.  Pax ex - Hannah"

In the freezer on top of the strawberries:
"Don't eat too many of these while I'm gone.  :-) Hannah"

On the floor by the movies:
"Hey guys- Remember - watching LOtR without me is a crime punishable by death.  :-) lots of love, Hannah"

In the shower:
"Hello 1st person to take a shower since I left.  Be sure to get nice and clean :-) Hannah"

On the pull out shelf of our roll-top desk:
"Hello whoever found this.....  :-)  Hope you're having a wonderful day.  I miss you and love you.  Lots of love, Hannah"

Found under the bottle of dishwasher detergent:
"Thanks whoever is doing my kitchen chores :-) You totally rock.  Hannah"

Found under the piano books:
"Make sure you practice lots now that I'm not here to. :-) Hannah"

Found in the Playmobil:
"Hey little kids!  Have fun playing Playmoil! Love, Hannah"


Susan said...

Oh. my. goodness! That is SO sweet!!! What an awesome daughter you have!

Laura said...

I don't even know Hannah and now I miss her! What a sweet sweet girl...she is making me cry. :) Happy tears, though...she loves you all very much!

Karen said...

What sweet surprises to find! I know you all miss her, but it's a fabulous opportunity for her. She'll have great stories to share when she returns!

Orla Harrington said...

That is so cool! I'm in college, and my friends and I leave notes for each other all the time. But Hannah's are extra sweet. :) I found you through Ellie's blog, by the way! She is such a cool girl, I love her blog.

Glenda said...

Thanks Ladies!
Yes she is a special daughter, and we miss her, but are so excited for her to be able to live in England for three weeks.

We found a few more notes from her, one to each of us, and one or two others, and we think that is all.

Thanks Orla for saying that about Ellie. She is a cool girl and I love her too.