Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dude - Ride the Wave!

I've been at this mom/teacher thing long enough to not worry (too much) about why something works and instead just quickly grab hold of it and ride the wave till it hits the shore, or someone wipes out.

This current wave consists of me daily writing on the white board what is required for the day's school for the three youngest.  They get to it, writing their initial by what they've finished, and don't run off to hide or play before it is done.  The only order I require is piano practicing (yes I list it), everything else they do as they want.

Although I find it interesting that they all choose to do Math relatively first.  That is fine by me.  I stay at the table the youngest is working at in order to answer any reading questions he might have.  I'm also close to answer any questions the other two would have who are either at the same table or the table in the next room.

I also know that as well as it is going now this wave will die, but like all surfers, I hope this one lasts till the shore and if not, I'll wait for the next one.

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