Monday, November 21, 2011


I love NASCAR. Tony Stewart is my favorite driver.  I've known him since 7th grade and it thrills me to no end that he is so successful at what he has loved to do his whole life.

I am overjoyed that he won the Sprint Cup title this year - his third - and he did it in an absolutely amazing race that came down to the wire.

I wish I could have watched it, but I don't have cable tv.  Plus I was gone for most of the race due to other obligations.  However I was on pins and needles listening to it on the radio for the last 37 laps when I got home.

Way to go Smoke!  Thanks for an incredibly exciting Race for the Chase.  Congratulations on winning the Championship!

Picture from The Associated Press

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Elephantschild said...

I'd been meaning to ask what your connexion was, other than I knew you grew up in the same town.

I'm going to go look on YouTube to see if there's at least a highlights video of that race!