Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Does any other Thanksgiving cook think the day before should be a fasting day?

With a head full of when to get the turkey done, the pies and rolls baked, the salads prepared, the vegetables peeled and cooked, when is the cook supposed to think about, let alone have time to prepare, meals for the family to eat the day before?

Instead, let us just get good and hungry for the beautiful feast by not eating the day before.  Think it will work?  I can't discuss it anymore, I have family hollering for something to eat for dinner - gotta go.


Susan said...

Andrew usually works only on weekends at the pizza parlor in town. The owner asked him to work tonight. Apparently, last year they had a VERY busy night prior to Thanksgiving. Yup. All those cooks said, "I don't have time for supper. Let's order from Tony's!"

I totally understand that. I've taken to putting soup in the crockpot on Wednesday morning. This year I didn't know how I was going to pull it off, working on Tues & Wed, which are usually my two big prep days, with very little cooking done on Thur. We'll see what kind of fiasco we have tomorrow ....

Glenda said...

Yep - dinner was hamburgers and leftovers from the fridge. Supper was pork chops in the crock-pot and corn. I couldn't think of anything else - just quick and something to eat.

Pizza sounds good - maybe tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!