Sunday, August 21, 2011

Note To Self

Dear Glenda,

Please remember that the days of August being a month where we won't be bothered is gone.  Please remember therefore, that trying to start the school year this month to get a good jump on things doesn't always help, but instead, gives a feeling of always being behind, which by starting early was the exact feeling to be avoided.

Remember that Hannah and Ellie will work more hours at the campground this month then June and July combined.  Remember that neighborhood kids will be knocking on doors in order to play as much as possible before they head back to their own schools day after Labor Day.  Remember that all good plans succumb to life.

Therefore, maybe next year try starting the school year in June or July and take the month of August off.  Pretend like that will be the solution and just don't think about the fact that those months always include VBS, CCA Symposium, and Higher Things.


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