Tuesday, August 09, 2011

No Pictures, Just Words

I went away with my husband for three days and four nights and I didn't take a camera.  If I would have, I then could have put the picture of David and I with Todd Wilken right here:

but instead you'll have to imagine the fun David and I had visiting the Issues Etc. studio, having a tour, and visiting for a short time.  They were kind and generous and gave us each a coffee mug, t-shirt, pen, and BBQ sauce. If you're on Facebook, you can go to the Issues Etc. page and see the picture they took of us while visiting, otherwise just imagine our three smiling faces.

If I would have taken my camera I could have also taken pictures of Our Lady of the Snows retreat center where we participated in the wonderful Grand Reunion for Doxology.  Or I could have placed the picture of Ewe, Beth (another Looper I finally got to meet in person), and I here:

Or I could have taken a picture of the new friends I met: Emily, Emily, Emily, Rebecca, Andrea, Rachel, Connie, Evelyn, Melinda, Susan, Laura, Karen, Brenda, Esther, Lisa, or Pam.  But instead of pictures, I just chatted away with these ladies as we got to know each other and helped each other in this life we all know as "Mrs. Pastor".

Finally, I could have taken a picture of David and his cousin sitting on a bench outside Ted Drewes on Sunday afternoon.  But instead I'll simply let you know that the custard was delicious, the sun was hot, as was the temperature (101 degrees F), and the humidity was high (think glasses immediately fogging upon stepping outside).  Despite the muggy, hot St. Louis weather, we were thrilled to visit with Johanna, even if it was for just a short time, not to mention finally trying this famous custard, although I still think Kopp's is my favorite.

And even though I didn't bring my camera, I don't really regret it.  It was nice to just go, visit, enjoy, and not lug the thing around.  It was freeing to just be and not try to capture every moment for future pictorial record.

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