Friday, June 24, 2011

Lutheran Friends and Organists

On Friday, the last day of the organist workshop, we had an opportunity to take a group photo.

What a lovely group of people we shared the week with at the seminary.  They came from several different states; Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.  Everyone was very supportive of each other and delighted in each other's progress.  All came away with new knowledge and the desire to continue to improve their organ playing.

Before we left the last session with Kantor Hildebrand, we took a picture with our little group.  Ruth and I really enjoyed visiting with each other and escorting these lovely young ladies to the various services at the chapel, to practice times, to meals, and to the dorm in the evenings.

Outside while saying our final good-bye's we were able to grab a picture with Sandy.  She was there chaperoning two of her students but also to continue working on the Kenyan Lutheran Hymnal project.  Ruth and I didn't get to spend nearly as much time visiting with Sandy as we would have liked.  But she had important work to do!  I encourage you to support this project and help get the Lutherans in Kenya a hymnal they can use in worship.

It was a great week, the organists learned a lot.  I learned a lot.  I was spoiled by all the good food that I merely had to show up to eat and not worry about shopping, chopping, sauteing, frying, serving, or even cleaning up afterwards.  That will make going home a shock.

If your church organist has not attended this workshop, I would encourage you to give him information about it.  It is very well done.  Better yet, share the information not only with your organist, but your pastor and elders, and encourage your church to help cover the cost of the workshop.  And if your organist has been to a class in the past, see if they'd like to go again, and continue to deepen their understanding of our rich Lutheran worship and strengthen their playing skills.


T. said...

Awesome! So glad she had a chance to go to one of these!

organistsandra said...

Thanks for the chaperoning help, and for spreading the word about the hymnal for the Kenyan Lutherans! It was delightful to see you, even though I was preoccupied.