Tuesday, June 07, 2011


We said goodbye this morning to Angie and family.  But not before getting a couple of pictures.  Sad isn't it, that they were with us for almost a week and I only took a couple of pictures right before they boarded their vehicle and drove west.  Oh well, that just means we were too busy talking and enjoying each other's company and didn't have time to think about pictures.

I'm going to miss this gang - especially Baby Boy's smiling face each morning

I'm sure you can imagine the fun they had together.


Laura said...

I LOVE all the family pictures....and all the kiddos! How fun they stayed with you!!!

Bikermom said...

I've lamented that we did not take a single picture while visiting you last year. Frown face. I forget to take pictures all the time on such occasions. At least you got these! Very nice!