Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zachary's Confirmation

On Sunday we were privileged to attend our godson's confirmation.

Zachary is the son of my husband's brother Paul and his wife Lori.  Here they are with their four boys.

And here is the family who were able to attend.  We were able to caravan with Grandpa and Grandma so that they could attend this wonderful day in Zachary's life.  For my readers who might not know, Grandpa had a heart attack and surgery to install four stints the weekend of our daughter Ellie's confirmation.  He is doing quite well, but instead of them driving the eight hours for this event, David drove their vehicle and I followed in ours.

And here is Paul and Lori with Zachary.

Lori provided an awesome dinner for us and guests plus desserts.  Cross cookies, a giant Luther Rose cookie and a neatly decorated cake.  Yum!

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