Saturday, May 21, 2011


After visiting with Paul's family, the next day we headed north to a different Chicago suburb to visit our good friends for a few days.  On Wednesday we took the kids downtown.  The morning was cold, rainy, and foggy so we started in the art museum.

David and Ralph are looking at the guide figuring out how to get us to the next piece of art we wanted to see.

Some art is inappropriate for children . . . .

and husbands.

Some of the younger kids went to the family area while the big kids walked with us through the Asian art.  We saw Buddha.

And they couldn't resist meditating.

We wanted to see the Lucas Cranach paintings and we spent some time in that area looking and observing the artwork.

After our fill of art, we began our walk toward Millennium Park and we had fun at the bean, even with the oodles of school children all shrieking and running around us.

We continued walking north on Michigan Avenue on our way toward Pizzeria Due where we enjoyed Chicago-style pizza for lunch.
The kids enjoyed waving at people as they walked by the window.

After our fill of pizza, we enjoyed the American Girl store and the Lego store before walking back towards the parking garage at Millennium Park.  Fortunately the sun began to shine and the fog cleared so my kids were able to see the tops of the sky scrapers.  And I was able to get a decent picture of all the kiddos on the bridge over the Chicago river.

It was a fun day and my kids got a taste of what a big city with sky scrapers is like.  Nathan commented that it was a lot busier and with more people than when we were in Washington D.C.  He didn't like the crowded sidewalks as much.  But he did enjoy being there with family and friends, just like the rest of us.


Christopher Esget said...

I love it that those boys were wearing Twins hats around Chicago!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Chicago is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there! :)

Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

Chicago is a nice place to live, I wouldn't want to just visit there! :-)

Glenda said...

Yes Christopher - even when they're scraping the bottom of the barrel, we'll still be fans. And btw, our second oldest was wearing her Vikings sweatshirt when she was cold. At least they knew we were visitors. :-)

Barb and Rich- I know what you mean. With all these kids, it wouldn't be as fun as a single or married without kids, or married with an empty nest. I'm glad I got to go to college near Chicago and visit, and that now my friends live close so we can go back and visit. I love visiting.