Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Reason? Spring

Homeschool moms the world over know that come spring time means more restless children and restless moms.  We've marched through the winter accomplishing (hopefully) a bulk of the work for the year.  But with sunshine mornings, bikes beckon, and thoughts turn to next year, and this year gets left to melt away with the last of the snow piles.

In order to have (force) motivation we've decided to change things up a bit in our household.  We've done a good deal of talking about trips this year and plans for next year, but that doesn't finish the work now.  So one thing I did is have Nathan and Abby start a new workbook because a new journey is always fun at the beginning.  And David has agreed to take over the teaching of Latin to them while I agreed to finish reading the various literature books with Hannah and Ellie. This change with the ability to go outside and ride bikes once the work is done, is the motivation (I hope) we can all take advantage of to finish this year strong.  Wish me luck.

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