Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Latin Happy Moment (okay so a Mom brag)

Hannah and Ellie entered the Phaedrus Latin Contest this spring.  They were required to write an original fable 200 words or less in length in Latin and then translate it into English.  Both did and the results were sent to the teachers this week while the results will be posted on the website by June 1st.

There were 160 entries from all over the United States and England and Russia.  The top three were awarded cash prizes.  The top ten were ranked, with the finalists and semi-finalists acknowledged, a grand total of 46 given some sort of honor.

Ellie, who had to be cajoled and prodded and who, finally, the day before it was due wrote her fable, was named a semi-finalist - one of the top forty-six!  She is one of eight eighth-graders who were in the top forty-six.  We are thrilled!  And Hannah said it best when she told her sister, "Now don't say you don't know Latin and aren't very good.  You just earned Suma Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam, and you finished as a semi-finalist in this competition."

Hannah placed fourth!  Yes, fourth overall! A senior placed first, who also won last year's inaugural competition.  Two juniors placed second and third, while our own freshman placed fourth!  We are thrilled!


Cheryl said...

Glenda, that is wonderful! Congratulations to Hannah and Ellie! I am so happy they (and you) are receiving this positive feedback for all the hard work. Bask in the recognition! It is well deserved!

Karen said...

Congratulations!! What a marvelous achievement. Maybe Hannah will win next year! Isn't validation wonderful?

Melanie T. said...

Wonderful! Congratulations to them both! I am so happy for all of you. Please do a happy dance with them in my place.

Way to go, Hannah and Ellie!!!

Glenda said...

Thank you Cheryl, Karen, and Melanie!