Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Can Imagine The Significance of the Moment Part II

On page 265 of Decision Points, President George W. Bush is describing how he secretly went to see the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving 2003.

"We went to the mess hall, where six hundred troops had gathered for a Thanksgiving meal.  Jerry [Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority] was supposed to be the guest of honor.  He told the troops he had a holiday message from the president.  'Let's see if we've got anybody more senior here. . . .' he said.
"That was my cue.  I walked out from behind a curtain and onto the stage of the packed hall.  Many of the stunned troops hesitated for a split second, then let out deafening whoops and hooahs.  Some had tears running down their faces.  I was swept up by the emotion.  These were the souls who just eight months earlier had liberated Iraq on my orders.  Many had seen combat.  Some had seen friends perish.  I took a deep breath and said, 'I bring a message on behalf of America.  We thank you for your service, we're proud of you, and America stands solidly behind you.'"

I had tears streaming down my face while reading this passage.  Thank you American Troops!  Thank you families of American Troops!

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