Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Last year's Valentine's Dinner was superb and we didn't know how the children would surpass that meal.  But we found out and we're delighted.

Once again our restaurant, Sous la Maison, had our cozy table ready for us to enjoy our meal.

The ambiance is fantastic

One way to know if a restaurant is of good quality is the wait staff.  Sous la Maison has some of the best, and they must be treated very well as they have been the same each year.

Her sisters sewed her this waitress uniform and curled her hair.

Quite the attentive waiter

After being seated, we were given our menu.  Last year we enjoyed a delicious German meal, this year a French meal was going to be the special.

First course: Salade avec Vinaigrette

There was a choice of three wines on the menu, we chose a red burgundy:

After our salad, the waiter and waitress cleared our dishes and brought us Soupe al'oignon et la Pomme de Terre (onion and potato soup):
The french bread was homemade that day and very delicious.

The soup was so delicious, the sour cream adding a very nice, creamy and tangy twist to the hot soup.

Next was our Plat Principal:
Steak Diane, Pommes de Terre Sautees au Beurre (potatoes sauteed in butter), and Haricots Verts (green beans)

This was so scrumptious, perfectly cooked, I cannot rave enough how good this tasted.

To finish the meal was the Dessert: Crepes aux Fraises (Crepes with strawberries):

They made up their own filling based on a few different recipes they read.

Here is the staff of Sous la Maison:
I think they are the best restaurant staff anywhere.

After our meal we asked the staff where they had gotten the idea for this year's menu.  They said they thought about last year's German meal and said oh we should do a French meal.  So they checked out every Julia Child cookbook from our library:

And from these books, they picked the recipes they thought sounded good and planned that way.  Isn't that awesome!  I'm simply amazed at their abilities, love, and generosity.

Afterwards, they cleaned up the kitchen and watched a Star Wars movie upstairs while letting us watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie they had given us for Christmas downstairs.

Yes, it was another simply wonderful Valentine's Day with my family.


Ewe said...

I think I told you last year that we have the same china. That is also neat because you got married several years before I did. It was discontinued not too long after our wedding but I already had completed my set.
I was talking yesterday about how I didn't want to go out for Valentine's Day. I would definately want to stay in if I had a restaurant like Sous la Maison!
How do they surprise you with the menu? Do they go shopping by themselves or give you a list?

Laura said...

I LOVE when your kids do this! They did an awesome job! Tears and giggles from Wisconsin. :)

Karrie Ann said...

Good Morning,

I am on the CCLE email list and clicked on the link to your blog.

First, I totally agree with your thoughts on certification.

Secondly, I am thankful to find your blog.

My children are almost 2, 3, 4.... with one in the oven. I will appreciate all the help I can get from the more experienced Lutheran home schoolers!!!

The innumerable blessings you have in those 5 beautiful children! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog when time allows!

In His Peace,
Karrie Ann

Glenda said...

Ewe- they put the ingredients they needed on my shopping list. The soup was supposed to be potato and leek, but they chose to do onions because they were afraid I would know what they were making if I saw I had to buy leeks.

Thanks Laura. :-)

Hi Karrie Ann! Glad you found my blog. Boy I sure remember those days of all the littles in the house. And there are days now when I wish I had that again and not all the big kids and the running it brings. But to each season God gives abundant blessings, and I really enjoy my children. I hope you enjoy my blog, and I'll be happy to hold your hand, give you a shoulder to cry on, or give unsolicited advice ;-) as you teach your children.

mumstheword said...

Very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

What sweet children you have!