Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy December!

When children get sick, one after another, it sure changes what I get done for the day in comparison to what I thought I would accomplish that day.

Did you know that baking Christmas cookies when children are sick means the dough becomes cookies and not treats sneaked into multiple mouths?

I started making my Christmas lists so I know what needs to be done this month.  What to give as gifts to certain people (children included) can be a real stumbling block.  Plus to find time to shop without the children hanging around is always a challenge.  Although now that they are older and can watch themselves, it has become a little easier.

I will be hosting Christmas dinner for whatever family is able to join us.  Various menus are rolling around in my head competing to be the one I choose.

After a year and a half, we finally have beef again in the freezer.  This time we are trying a local farmer who raises beefalo.  Oh it is so nice to open the freezer and see MEAT!  We will also be getting some of their Red Wattle Pork in January.  Which means there will be more MEAT in the freezer!  Yippee!  Meat in the freezer + home-canned vegetables on the shelf = 1 happy momma making food for her family!

Looking forward to the extra services during the Advent season.  I hope you are able to attend all that your church offers during Advent and Christmas.

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