Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good Friends, Good Times

On our way home from vacation we stopped for an overnight visit with our good friends.  It was short, too short the kids all said (and the parents agreed), but much fun was had.

The boys played with lincoln logs and Playmobil.

This cutey-pie continued to steal the show and allowed David and I to hold and snuggle him once again.

These two girls enjoyed playing Barbies.

And the older group of girls barely slept.  They were too busy filming a movie music video to a Taylor Swift song.  I think they said they finally went to sleep about 3am - ahhh to be young and with friends.

After we got home, Hannah and Ellie worked on editing the video in iMovie and then showed it to us.  We thought it was pretty good and were amazed they did not one but two videos and a mock interview with the actresses.

What did the parents do?  Why of course we chatted away a mile-a-minute, we only had a short time to get everything in don't ya know.

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