Saturday, October 02, 2010


When a child finishes one of their school books, we treat them to an ice-cream cone at a local shop in town. This is fantastic motivation in the spring when warm weather is enticing them outside and keeping them from focusing on the task at hand.

Hannah and Ellie finished Wheelock's Latin at the end of August. David said that this was a big accomplishment and deserves more than an ice cream cone. He suggested to me that he take them out to supper. I agreed and promptly began looking for an appropriate restaurant to celebrate Latin.

While searching I found Roma. It looked like a neat place and one evening, David and the girls left to enjoy a meal.

Inside there was a neat mural on the wall. They also told us there was a Roman helmet too, but they didn't take a picture - or try it on.

We had downloaded and printed the menu so that on the drive to Roma's, the girls could decide what they wanted to eat.

Ellie is enjoying a pink grapefruit cream soda and Hannah, milk.

They started by sharing an appetizer of Bruschetta,

and all had a salad (Caesar of course!) before the main course.

David chose Chicken Saltimbocca - "Boneless chicken seared and topped with prosciutto ham, sage, four cheeses and a white wine cream, served with crisp potato cakes, and vegetable of the day" (sauteed peppers and onions). He said it was absolutely delicious.

Ellie enjoyed Lasagna,

while Hannah loved her Fettuccine Alfredo.

David even let them buy a dessert to share - caramel apple pie with vanilla gelato!

The girls did let their dad have one bite.

I'm hoping he'll take me one day, so I can enjoy one of those delicious meals! And I hope it isn't when I finish Wheelock's!

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Erin said...

Glenda! What is happening to our children? They are growing up too fast!

Congratulations Hannah and Ellie! What an amazing accomplishment!