Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fifteen for a Moment

We had another birthday in the house yesterday.

Now I understand why adults say things like, "can she really be that old?"

Her cake was lovingly decorated by all four of her siblings, they each took a side and frosted it their own way.

The birthday person in our family gets to pick the meals for the day. Hannah's choice:

Breakfast: cinnamon rolls
Dinner: Beef stroganoff
Supper: Hamburgers, Kraft Mac-n-Cheese, and fruit salad
White cake with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Her lovely gifts:
from her sister: the new Taylor Swift cd
from her other sister: 100 grand bars, a notebook, and clay
from her brother: life savors, gum
from her other brother: pop-tarts and clay (shared gift with sister)
from her parents - gift certificate to the music store and a Lands' End bag for library books

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Bikermom said...

I forgot about Hannah being part of the October 11(?) birthday club. Matthew was 15 on the 12th. I am afraid we did not succeed in making such a nice cake etc. Maybe this weekend...........