Sunday, September 05, 2010

Another I Don't Think Like That Post

At Abby's birthday party Michele, my sister-in-law and now close neighbor, and Mindy, a homeschooling friend in the congregation, and I were sitting in the living room chatting. The men were downstairs and the kids were all over the house and yard playing. I asked them their opinion about moving the dining room hutch and piano so that the table could be straight in the room and not at an angle.

Mindy jumped up with a loud, excited squeal and said, "I love this game." And away her brain went and ideas began flowing. Before the end of the evening, the furniture in my living room and dining room (basically one room with two half wall pillar dividers in the middle for visual division) were rearranged.

I would have never thought to move the piano into the living room like Mindy suggested. But it works and I love it. Both rooms now feel more spacious. It amazed me how simply moving the same furniture in different arrangements can make the room feel more spacious.

I'm glad to have a friend like Mindy. She thinks of all sorts of things I would never have. Plus she loves to help and share her thoughts and ideas and even her hard work. I sure have learned a lot from her.

And the dining room hutch that I asked about which sparked furniture rearrangement? It is still in the same place.


Melrose said...

oooooo, I LOVE furniture rearranging! I do it several times a year, bless my dear husband who is always willing to put the muscle into the project while I excitedly chirp off my ideas :)

MaryLu said...
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MaryLu said...

Can Mindy come to my house? I need some rearranging too. Thanks, we live in Washington.

Glenda said...

Sure MaryLu - we'd love a road trip. Can't promise when, though and we'll pick up Melrose along the way, it sounds like she would enjoy helping!

Hey Melrose - my mom has always been a furniture re-arranger - constantly changing everything so no one ever knows where anything will be the next time they visit. I like to change things but not nearly as often. Plus my house is big, but with lots of little rooms and so there is only so much rearranging that can be done. But you can bet your bottom dollar that next time I'll ask Mindy first to get her outside the box ideas.

Melrose said...

:) yes, Im convinced that's why my husband wanted a huge only fits one way in our living room! darn! thankfully we have several other rooms that are at my mercy ;)