Friday, July 09, 2010

The Spark Grows Brighter

Pastor Klemet Preuss made a list of the "Top Ten Reasons why the Higher Things Conference in Logan, Utah Was Absolutely Great (in no particular order") over on Brothers of John the Steadfast. You can read the whole thing by clicking here. My husband and two daughters who were there agreed wholeheartedly.

His number one reason dealt with the organ playing of Christopher Loemker. My daughter, Hannah, went to the in-depth sectionals on organ playing by Mr. Loemker. After the first one, she called me and told me all about it. I asked her if this made her want to learn to play the organ more now or not. She said, "more." I didn't really think about that response much until yesterday.

This past week, I've noticed Hannah sitting and working on a hymn, "Glory Be to Jesus" at the piano. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Playing piano is Hannah's stress relief and she is always trying to learn new pieces and I thought she had simply picked that hymn as one she wanted to learn to play.

Yesterday she asked her dad if she could come to church and try playing the organ. I was gone taking her sister to a flute lesson when she did this, but I heard about it at supper. She explained that Mr. Loemker had explained that the right hand was to play the melody on the top keyboard, the left hand plays the alto and tenor notes on the second keyboard and the feet play the bass, and that the best place to start is with the easiest hymn in the hymnal, "Glory Be to Jesus." So Hannah said she had been practicing all week on the piano trying to wrap her brain around her left hand playing the two middle notes - in spite of the fact that they are not written together, instead one in the bass clef and one in the treble clef.

After supper she asked me to come over and listen, so her sister and I did.


Tears came to my eyes as I realized how good she was for simply teaching herself. And I know she isn't great, but for just trying on her own, she was quite successful! I also know that now we really do need to think seriously about organ lessons. And I'm trying to wrap my brain around figuring out how we'll be able to afford another music lesson bill.

So Mr. Loemker, thank you. You confirmed for my daughter that yes she does want to learn the organ. Her interest has grown threefold since your playing at the services at Higher Things and your in-depth sectionals. May one day she be able to lead congregations in singing the praises of the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and inspire others to learn as you've inspired her.


T & family said...

Hey, Glenda,

Super great about H.'s organ interest!!

That arrangement on the manuals would be for solo voicing -- when you would want to highlight a particular verse of text. It is an excellent exercise for the brain, though! Email me for more organ talk -- other questions, books, etc.! (I know a few great teachers in your area!!)


Glenda said...

Oh that would be great Tyleen! Any lead on books, teachers, etc. would be great. As for organ talk, well, that is not my realm, but I think Hannah understand's it better than I realize. :-)

Cheryl said...

Yay. Just yay. The "birth" of another organist is cause for much rejoicing!

Rebekah said...

I am SO hoping this will happen around here some years down the road! (And so is our one, shamefully overworked, well past retirement age organist.)

Anonymous said...

Yes....this is DEFINITELY a reason to have a party!!! :) --T.