Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I finally found the cord I need to download my pictures to the computer. I had put it in a safe place and you all know how that works. So, no more safe place, it is lying out in the open right by the computer from now on (lets hope I can find it under the inevitable piles that always build up on any horizontal surface in this house).

Over the next few days I'll share some of the pictures of happenings around our home.

First I'll start with these:

Don't they look delicious?

Well, I'm hear to testify that they were!

These are the doughnuts Amy and I made last Friday. She had brought her Nutrimill and we baked all sorts of yummy treats with freshly ground wheat. I did the frying of the doughnuts (a skill Amy isn't as comfortable with) and she rolled some in the powdered sugar and put the glaze with and without sprinkles on others. It was quite the assembly line.

They tasted so good warm, all the kids loved them. We then put the rest in the freezer as the recipe said they do freeze well. She took half home with her and the rest are in my freezer. I sort of had forgotten until David looked at this picture:

"What's that?" he exclaimed.
"They're the doughnuts Amy and I made." I replied
"What? I thought you had made a few doughnuts not a whole bunch." Why haven't I gotten any?" he demanded.
"They're in the freezer." I answered
"And you've been wondering what to have for breakfast? I think I need to have one of those even before tomorrow's breakfast." he said.

So I took some out and we'll enjoy them sooner rather than later. I hope they taste as good as they did hot out of the frying oil.


Tressa said...

Those look fabulous! I love donuts. It would be very dangerous to have all those donuts in my house.

Melrose said...

hey, I have a nutrimill!!! Can you share the recipe?! oooo those look so good!

Glenda said...

Thanks Tressa -and I had to leave the kitchen after they were done and I'd eaten too many. I have NO will power when it comes to good doughnuts. They were tasty from the freezer too!