Friday, July 23, 2010

A Long But Fun Day

Today we drove to our northern most point, which is also the northern most point in Minnesota on the north shore, Grand Portage.

Here are the falls, and Canada is the right side of this picture.

This is why it is called Grand Portage.

Along the trail we found raspberries, which some of the kids found a delightful treat.

Then we drove to Grand Portage National Monument, a historical site, where we learned how the Ojibwe lived and tanned beaver pelts.

How the French Canadian Voyagers worked for the Northwest Fur Trading Company.

How birch bark canoes were built.

How beaver pelts were made into hats and how much they cost.

And even tried on some of the felt coats and hats.

After a nice picnic lunch we then began hiking at various state parks on our way back to our hotel.

Our most grueling hike came at Judge CR Magney State Park. We hiked for 1.25 miles in one direction to see Devil's Kettle.

After all those steps we were glad to rest beside the falls and enjoy the scenery.

Next we went to Cascade River State Park and hiked to see more waterfalls.
The root beer color is from the decaying organic matter from the swamps and bogs where the water comes.

At the end of the day we stopped at Temperance River State Park. We didn't have to hike nearly so far to see this waterfall.

Next time we've made a note to bring our swimsuits so we can join in the fun.

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agnusdei1996 said...

What a fun trip you all are having! Thanks for sharing your pictures with the rest of us. :)