Monday, July 12, 2010

Little League

Here are some pictures of one of Nathan's last Little League games. It really drives me nuts that Little League starts in May and is done by the end of June. Ridiculous! But I'll not rant on that as it does nothing but make me mad. Without further ado, the pictures.

Playing in the center-right outfield. He is the one farther away. I don't have a nice zoom lens or else he would be seen clearer - maybe.
Every time I thought of the song, Baseball Dreams on our cd Ralph's Word. The first lyrics are, "In Little League, I played right field, cuz no one my age could hit the ball there...." Here is Ralph Covert singing it live:

Here are his younger brother and sister watching the game.

Up to bat.
If I remember correctly, he walked twice, and was hit by a pitch. Being hit by a pitch makes it harder for some of those boys to be confident in the batter's box next time around.

Coming home to score a run. Fellow players came through with some good hits that allowed several runs.

And I thought this was an interesting cloud formation in the sky.

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