Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Day Up North

At Tettegouche State Park we hiked to see the upper falls.

We took a break so the kids could once again enjoy hiking around all the rocks and wading in the water.

We also took time for a photo op.

And a kind fellow hiker took our family picture.

My favorite park of this state park was that the trails felt most like walking in the woods. They weren't as paved or as many wooden planks as we found in other parks.

Instead of going back the way we came to get to our van, we decided to cross the Baptism River and make it easier. It was a little deep and swift crossing by the falls, but David helped each person across. The only tricky part was that the rocks underneath were quite slippery and we had to make sure we had our footing before placing our weight on that foot.

We then stopped briefly at Jay Cooke State Park and saw this beautiful waterfall,

from the middle of this swinging bridge.

We stopped at Moose Lake State Park, but we didn't do any hiking.

We only stayed inside the park office and looked at the displays of agates. They had a list of ones to search for in the cases that looked like different shapes. It was fun, but we needed help from the park ranger to find three of them.

After that we were all ready to finish the drive home, happy, yet tired after seeing 13 state parks on the North Shore in 4 days.

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