Thursday, June 10, 2010

Your VBS Offerings

Tonight is the last night of our Vacation Bible School. Two things you can consider suggesting for your VBS.

1. We collect coins for the offering, a different one each night. The kids seem to really like this and bring in lots of coins they scavenge from their homes, pockets, and parent's purses and change holders.
  • 1st night - pennies
  • 2nd night - nickels
  • 3rd night - dimes
  • 4th night - quarters
  • 5th night - golden dollars (or bills)
For our children we figure out how much money they would have given as offering if there would be summer Sunday School and turn all of that (3 months) into the proper coins for each night.

2. This year all that offering is going to Lutheran Heritage Foundation in order to buy hymnals for Kenya. Each hymnal is only $5! I'll let you know what the total amount the children of our church donated once the final count is in.

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