Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Gift

Having taught the girls Latin for several years, David was delighted to receive this poem from Hannah for Father's Day.

Poem 'de Latina'

Why is poetry easier in Latin than
In the language I write in?
I thought about it long and hard
To find the secret Latin guards -
Writing in Latin's the easiest way
The words end in 'us's, in 'um's and in 'a'.

For every word you'l find a rhyme
And probably in shortest time.
For if there's one ther must be two
And all the Romans knew 'twas true.
That's why it's easier to write
In Latin than with English's might.

So it's my turn and here I go
Poetry in Latin is something "amo."
And if you really want the truth
Latin is the "maximus."
If you still try to ward off gloom
Remember "Latina est Gaudium."

If evil's tempting you to follow
Say "Malo malo malo malo."
It will surely bring you cheer
Especially if some dude's near
Who hears and laughs just like a hyena
Cause "Rident stolidi verba Latina!"

With Latin life will become play.
you will live "felicissime."
So take this time to learn it or
Your life will get "peior et peior"
"Si es sapien" than you will see
"Latinam est linguam cognosci."

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Melanie T said...

Absolutely delightful! I think I even understood most of the Latin. Give the girls my congratulations for a very thoughtful gift and job well done.