Thursday, May 27, 2010

On-Line/In-Life Friends

One of the joys I've had for the past several years is meeting my on-line homeschool friends in person. Some of them I've met at conferences like CCA Symposia, or a pastor's conference's that our spouse's attend and we tag along, and some at Mommapalooza weekends like this one, and some who come to stay at my house.

The past two nights I've had the privilege once again of hosting an on-line homeschool friend and her children (unfortunately her husband had responsibilities which kept him at home). Karin and her children first enjoyed some camping and visiting another friend in Duluth for a few days before visiting us. Our home made an easy place for her to "set up camp" while during the day she took the children to visit an uncle who lives nearby.

Even though I've met Karin in person before at a CCA conference and at her church last May when we stopped to worship there on our way home from Washington D.C., I had not met all of her children, nor had the opportunity to sit and visit with her for an extended time. What a nice treat it was for me to have this opportunity!

Her oldest three children had the unexpected treat of seeing friends at Bethany and staying for their choir concert, while the younger siblings either attended Nathan's Little League game or played at my house whether outside or inside or both.

What a great blessing the Lord gives in friends! All praise and glory to Him for blessing us with such good, Christian friends whom we can love, share our joys and sorrows, and above all pray with and for to our Heavenly Father in whom we learn what true friendship is.

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