Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Joy of My Kids

My children are quite good to me. Please remind me of this when I'm feeling at my wits end with them.

On Mother's Day, they enlisted Dad's help to get me to stay in the basement after dinner. That wasn't too hard as that is our "family room" and I enjoyed watching the Twins game and snoozing while snuggled up on the couch next to my hubby. All throughout this time, I kept hearing noises and could not figure out what was going on and none of the five came down to watch the game with us.

I found out when I walked upstairs at their behest nearly 3 (+) hours later. The entire main floor was clean! I mean everything in its place and a place for everything! And the dining-room table had a new tablecloth and clean napkins and at my spot were two beautifully custom-made Mother's Day cards and a freshly baked and decorated cake.

So they cleaned all the dinner dishes, then made and decorated a cake (from scratch, not a mix), washed, dried, and put away those dishes, all while cleaning the rest of the main floor - together without major arguments or breakdowns - and me sitting on my duff, dozing, enjoying the Twins' win.

It was a Happy Mother's Day indeed and a gift that I will always remember.


Erin said...

What great kids! A clean house! What more could you ask for?

Laura said...

I love your kids. :)