Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I Don't Like That!"

All parents know that is a very, very common statement heard at what seems like every meal. My ears have had their share as well. The more that gather round the table seems to increase the likely hood of hearing that every, if not multiple times.

But I'm realizing there is another side to that coin and I like those words; "Oh yummy, I love that!" And often, if not always, they are said at the same meal. Which means my policy of cooking what sounds good to me is met with as many "yums" as "yucks" if not more.

So take heart dear mothers of young ones! The day will soon arrive that you too will experience the delight and joy of hearing your offspring be so excited for the meal set before them.*

*This is only for familiar meals. Any and all new meals you introduce will still meet with more yucks than yums, but be steadfast and persistent, eventually after seeing it and forced (I mean encouraged) to try bites again and again, they'll realize finally that this too tastes yummy.

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