Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blah blah blah blogging

Feeling a bit uninspired to blog lately.

The weather is warming which is so nice. I love all the greens - trees, grass, plants, etc.

Nathan is in Little League and has had practice. All last week it rained and he thought he would "NEVER HAVE ANOTHER PRACTICE AGAIN." Ha Ha. This week he's had three practices and he's complained, "It's hot." (rolls eyes)

Two kids are done with Math for this year, a third has one or two days left and the other two? Well, lets just say that they're now lying in the bed they've made.

My chiropractor is encouraging me to change my diet, by eating less to no sweets and drinking more water. I'm trying real hard, but when I crave something it is always something sweet, like cake or doughnuts. Plus my husband doesn't mind drinking ice tea made with out sugar, but me - yuck, I'd rather do without.

The brick and mortar school in town listed the class motto in the newspaper this week; "To live our life in our own way...To reach for the goals we have set for ourselves...To be what we want to be...That is success." Sounds like a textbook example of narcissism to me.

Summer activities are filling up fast. My goal is to spend the summer mornings doing our work and the afternoons at the pool. I'm going to work hard for that to happen.

I have the desire to start running again, but so far it hasn't been strong enough to overcome all the obstacles I throw in front of actually starting. I should deal with my own narcissistic self and get moving.

Marshmallows soaked in milk is what the boy asked to eat for a snack...........and I let him. He's all smiles.

Planning for next year is swirling around in my brain and crowding out thoughts of how to finish the current stuff.


Ewe said...

This is how I make iced tea-1 each green, black, mint, & lemon tea bags. It doesn't need sugar with the mint and lemon flavor. You could experiment with this combination-more or less of whatever flavor you like. I use a lot of ice too. I've also been drinking more ice water with lemon recently.

Glenda said...

Thanks Ewe for the suggestion, I'l give it a try. Maybe I can learn to like it huh?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I will *never* have the desire to run.

I am trying to switch over some to lemonade instead of soda. At least it is sugar-sugar and not high fructose corn stuff.

Erin said...

Sweets are hard. I have a serious addiction to sugar. I have "quit" a couple times. After a week or two (or three) of going cold turkey the cravings start to go away, or are satisfied by an apple or orange. Good luck! Feelin' your pain!

Running? I started a running group. Want to join? Email me!

Are you coming to the CCA?

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