Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sausage Gravy


Rebekah said...

Evaporated, huh? I always just use regular. And by always I mean every single Sunday. So I'd be interested in hearing your rationale.

Glenda said...

"every single Sunday" - oh what joyous words to read!

We have it at least once a week, if not for Sunday brunch than another day during the week.

Now as to using evaporated milk: When I grew up we had milk straight from the cow with all that good cream. When I was married and no longer had that option, I used store milk and it was okay, but not quite right. Mom told me to use evaporated as it would give it more of the creamy taste. I tried it and liked it and now I always do.

I also love to use evaporated milk in place of the milk in my homemade buns.

Rebekah said...

Aha! Well, I certainly appreciate this. While I am duty bound to make Bs and Gs (as they are known in our house) every Sunday, they're not really my favorite, so I'm a bit taste-deaf on the matter. But Mom's preference notwithstanding, there would be mutiny if the menu ever changed. I know how deeps this love runs. :D

Kim said...

Do you use a can of water after the can of evaporated milk?

Glenda said...

Kim, yes I do. I add enough to keep it the thickness I want, adding more if it gets to thick as it heats. You could use another can of evaporated milk, but I've found I like the taste with one can and water per pound of sausage.

Oh and a trick from my grandma, "You have to stand and stir it the whole time so that it gets good and tasty." ----good for a kid or for you and to make someone else fix the eggs. :-)

And put the evaporated milk in when you put your biscuits in the oven, they should all be ready at the same time then.