Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the Stead of Christ

This is my picture I took of a picture in the main building at Arlington National Cemetery. We saw it when we toured there last May on our vacation to Washington D.C.
When I first saw it on the wall, it immediately drew me in. I was emotionally drawn to Mrs. Kennedy's eyes. Her look made tears fill my eyes and run down my cheeks. I found it so beautiful that she was looking into her Father's eyes for strength to get through this awful time. No other words can comfort and give hope except Christ's words.

My friend Laura said it beautifully in her post on "When You Die:"
"I ran out of words to say them...but my husband did not. Wearing his clerical shirt and collar, gently speaking...he spoke words of real comfort to these grieving Christian Lutheran parents. Words of hope and salvation in Christ alone, words they were familiar with since they heard these words regularly in church. Words that brought tears to their eyes because they knew they were true. Words that were spoken with such compassion as from Christ himself...who was there with them, in the midst of all this sorrow."

I can't know what Mrs. Kennedy was thinking or what her priest said to her. But my tears flowed because I imagined what I would be thinking and how I would want to cling to Christ's Words from the man he placed here on this earth to speak them into my ear.

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