Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Teenager In The House

Miss Eleonore joined the ranks of teenagers on April 18th.
She had an enjoyable day despite some setbacks. Church was in the morning and afterwards her brunch meal choice was ruined and David and I had to think fast on our feet to quickly cook for our hungry family. To make up for it, she opened all her gifts while the meal was being cooked.

Hannah gave her a new t-shirt.
Nathan gave her material.
Abigail gave her Crispix (her favorite cereal) and 3 Musketeer bars (her favorite candy bar).
Sam gave her nail polish.
Her dad and I gave her a Lands' End tote for library books (like her brother's, except in green) and a Barnes and Noble gift card.

The afternoon was spent at the piano recital before coming home to enjoy supper and cake and homemade ice-cream.

Her meal choices:
Brunch: Overnight French Toast and sausage (which turned into regular french toast and sausage)
Supper: Steak and baked potatoes, corn

Cake: Angel Food with 7 minute frosting.

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Melanie T said...

Happy birthday, Ellie! I hope you enjoyed your day. You look beautiful!

Mrs. Timmerman