Saturday, April 03, 2010

Another Check in the Constant Catechesis Column

Pastor preached the midweek Lenten services on the final words of Jesus from the cross. "It is finished" were preached the last midweek Lenten service. With that sermon I finally understood that these words meant all salvation work was finally complete. There was nothing left to do then or now. Sure I've heard those words before but only now did I have the ears to hear.

Good Friday's sermon were on the words, "Father into your hands I commit my spirit." Again, my ears were finally opened to hear that Jesus didn't die in a position of weakness and exhaustion, but instead in strength and triumph! Jesus doesn't yield to death, it yields to Him and comes when He allows it.

Now that I can hear, I see that these words always said that.
"It is finished."
"Father into your hands I commit my spirit."

Thanks be to God that He gives me faithful pastors who preach His word and who constantly catechize me, that He gives me His Holy Spirit, opens my ears to hear His Word, and strengthens my faith!

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Cate said...

How funny that you say this, Glenda; our pastor used the Concordia words from the cross series too and the "It is finished" finally hit home with me this year too for the first time.