Friday, March 26, 2010


Is it a quality of all children or just mine?

Nathan's yo-yo birthday gift has resulted in a new-found obsession for all the kids. Incessant "can I try" questions have pestered him (and me). Our weekly shopping trip yesterday including shopping for two more yo-yos. Now I am constantly pestered to "watch this," and "can you get me to the website so I can learn tricks?"

My consolation is that there could be worse things they obsess over and they were greatly delighted to learn that Ancient Greek children also loved to play with yo-yos.

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Susan said...

Your kids are not the only ones.

As batty as it can make the mom, I think these spells are important to their growth and their intellectual stimulation.

With our current income situation, and the inability to buy new toys or go on fieldtrips, I notice the mental stagnation that results from not having these temporary obsessions.