Monday, March 29, 2010

Mistake turned Delicious

We enjoyed Nathan's apple pie and ice cream (and cupcakes for those who didn't like pie) on Saturday evening when Grandpa and Grandma could join us.

I made the ice-cream on Saturday morning and made a mistake. I was doing too many things at once (making ice-cream, baking the pie, and fixing dinner) so I accidentally doubled the amount of sugar but not the eggs, nor the salt and started mixing.

Ooops. Now what to do? I don't have the half and half or whipping cream to double the entire thing, nor the time right now to freeze two batches. I don't want to waste all these ingredients and throw them away.

Along comes my knight in shining armor, otherwise known as David, to save the day . He says he'll run to the local store and buy more of what I need, we'll freeze one batch now, the rest we'll put in the refrigerator and freeze on Sunday or Monday and make Grasshoppers out of the batch.


Oh this is good, this is very good!


Rebekah said...

>>those who didn't like pie

What could this possibly mean?

Glenda said...

Shocking, I know Rebekah, but I do have one child who at this point doesn't like pie. Quite the picky eater from the beginning, but as the age increases, I'm noticing the pickiness decreasing. I hold out hope that one day I can not utter that statement.

Rebekah said...

This is really troubling.