Sunday, March 28, 2010


I find ages of people I know to be a fascinating thought. Here are some examples.

1. A couple in our church have become good friends, they are eleven years younger than us.
2. Our very good, dear, best friends whom we love to vacation with are four-five years older than us.
3. My dad had he still been living would be 75, and my father-in-law turned 80 this year, yet my friend Laura's dad just celebrated his 71st birthday and Laura is, at the most, ten years older than me.

I could go on and on and I know you can too.  But I really do find it amazing to sit and think about that, because life is interacting with people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, not the twenty to thirty same-age peers for eight hours per day, five days per week, for twelve to sixteen years.


Ewe said...

I too find this interesting. My dad just turned 70 and Laura has a daughter about 15 years younger than me. I think it has a lot to do with the age people have their children (and when their parents have their children). You are only a few years older than me and yet my OLDEST is only 6 and your YOUNGEST is older than 6. I remember when I met you and figured out how close in age we were, I was surprised. I still want to be your friend even if we aren't the exact same age! Ha Ha!

Laura said...

I'm 45...many of my friends are older than me. I am going to a visitation this week for a friend's mom...her mom was in her 80's and my friend is my age. Many folks I know closer to my age are not a grandparent, yet. I have a few friends is closer to my daughter's age! Age does get really interesting when you are an adult.

Laura said...

Another funny folks still have children that could have children...they are having great grandkids and grandkids at the same time! Same thing on my husband's side...we had our kids young and our siblings waited. Susan will have this in her family, as least her mother will.

Glenda said...

Yes Ewe, I want to be your friend too!

Laura - I didn't think you could be 10 years older than me - I figured that was the high end. You're only 6 years older.

It is true that it all depends on when parents married and had their children and then when the child marries and has theirs. For my dh and I, both are parents were older when they had us, and we got married young and had all of our children by the time we were 31. We think how odd it will be to be grandparents as neither of us remember our own grandparents very much except for the ending of their lives.

Ewe said...

So true, I was 28 when we got married and almost 31 when our FIRST was born. There are almost 10 years difference in age between my parents and dh's parents, and yet there is only one year difference in the amount of time they have been married. Dh's grandparents came to his college graduation even though they had to travel far for it. I couldn't imagine my grandparents coming to my college graduation.

Glenda said...

I wrote:
"For my dh and I, both are parents were older..."

That should be 'our' - doi!

Cheryl said...

If my dad were alive, he would turn 95 this year. My mom will turn 80. Wow.

Laura said...

My husband's mother is 66! (She is the youngest of our parents.) He has a living biological grandmother, that he doesn't not really know, in her 80's. The friend I saw yesterday (whose mother died)....was so much older than my parents, or so I thought. She was 33 when she had my mom was 23 when she had me. I don't think of 33 being "really old" now to be having a baby. Age really is a fuuny thing.