Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Digits From This Point Forward

Look who reached double digits for the first time today.

Pretty nice haul of presents don't you think? The kids have normally purchased one big gift for the birthday sibling in years past. This year, however, they decided to each buy one or more smaller gifts for the birthday celebrant.

David and I gave him a Lands' End tote bag for library books plus three of the Stephen Biesty Cross-Section Books (thank-you Amazon used sellers!) he has constantly borrowed from the library.
Hannah gave him freezes and a yo-yo.
Ellie gave him a gum-ball machine.
Abby gave him two packages of candy bars and two boxes of macaroni and cheese (we ate for lunch).
Sam gave him "flarp" (silly putty that makes the noise of farting - ahh boys!) and Pop-tarts.

We also gave him the gifts throughout the day, which was quite fun. Nathan, as the birthday boy got to pick the meals for today:

Breakfast: bacon and waffles
Dinner: chicken patty sandwiches, french fries, and macaroni and cheese
Supper: Pizza Ranch

He wants apple pie. We'll enjoy that along with cake and homemade ice-cream on Saturday when Grandpa and Grandma can share in the treat.


Melanie T said...

Happy birthday, Nathan! I hope you enjoyed the day. Ten is great number!

Love, The Timmermans

Katie said...

Tell him Happy Birthday from me!! Wish we could see you guys some time soon!

Love, Katie (Wiechmann;))