Saturday, February 06, 2010


*I was lamenting to my husband that I feel like we don't eat many vegetables in the winter. Then today I realized we eat various soups quite regularly in the winter; like lentil, chili, wild rice, split pea, taco, broccoli cheese, and potato. Guess what...they are full of various vegetables. Another strike against "feelings."

*I need things to be pointed out to me quite regularly in Bible Study. I would never have come up with them on my own. Thanks be to God for His patience, mercy, and grace and for the gift of Pastors who teach us His Truths. I wish more people could see that Bible study isn't something to be done with after 8th grade confirmation and Sunday School. It isn't about head knowledge, it is about faith and how much or little it grows in relation to how much it is fed the Word of God.

*My children like all sorts of things I wouldn't have had any knowledge of, or cared to have done growing up. Like classical music, C.S. Lewis novels (one child is currently devouring The Space Trilogy), practicing the piano or other instrument for fun, planning and cooking surprise meals for parents, and the list could go on.

*Most women crave chocolate , but not me. (I don't really like chocolate unless it has some caramel with it). I crave cake and doughnuts. And I really would like some RIGHT NOW!

*I'm going to have to start being more pro-active in the education department around here. My laziness and desire to sit around and do nothing but read or play on the ipod or computer is not setting a very good example. And really it isn't just the education department, it is all departments. If I'm not modeling good behavior, it isn't good for the children or me or the house.

*I'm really enjoying scrapbooking again. Even if I only do it when the group at church gets together once a month, it is more than I use to do. And wow, doing even a little means something is getting done. I need to apply this to other areas of my life (yet again). Oh and if you enjoy scrapping and want to come join the fun, our group is hosting a scrapbooking weekend in March. Email me and I'll get you the details.

*Our dishwasher isn't working again. We've had more trouble with this machine. It seems like it has never worked well. For the past week or more Hannah and Ellie have been the main dishwashers, switching off each day. Two things I've learned. One, the girls couldn't care less about actually getting the dishes clean. But when I think about it, they do so much more work around the house than I ever did. (Sorry Mom!) Two, I can get by on less dishes when we actually have to wash them after each meal.

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Angie said...

Good thoughts. :)
Wish I could come in March--I have been thinking I haven't touched the scrapbooks for a year or so now. . .eeks.