Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Preparations

David put up our tree (a pre-lit) last Friday and the kids helped him to bring up all of the Christmas decoration boxes. They've been sitting in my living room ever since. Sunday afternoon as I listened to the Viking's game I put out the lighted village, nutcrackers, manger, and various other nick-knacks. It was fun, I haven't put out all of these things for a few years. I was able to remember the people who gave me these wonderful things and my youngest children oohed and aahed over them. They also have been enjoying the Christmas books and movies that have been stashed away for a year.

Monday we drove to Rochester to take the kids to a favorite toy store for them to choose a present for their sibling (they draw names). The employees in the store enjoyed watching as either David or I would take one child around and then to the counter for purchase while the other stayed at the front with the other children and played one of the games available for customers. This store even wrapped the gifts for free which was really nice for sneaking eyes.

Afterwards we went to the mall to once again to try and find some decent church clothes for our teenage daughter. This year has been a bigger challenge than most. Sweater dresses are everywhere and she doesn't like them (neither do I really) or "party dresses," for dances, or short sleeves (it is winter - in MN we are at negative degrees!). We did find a decent skirt and sweater at JC Penny, but it will have to be altered (she is so tall and skinny!), and then finally came home and ordered from Lands' End. Her younger sister already had picked a skirt (clear blue and big sis picked burgundy/gray plaid) and ivory turtleneck sweater and we were hoping not to have to have her older sister have the same thing (even in a different color), but there weren't any other options. These skirts aren't even "dress" skirts but their "uniform" skirts. They sure look very nice though. What I can't understand is why isn't a standard velour skirt and/or dress made each year? That seems to be a staple winter Christmas dress to me.

Last night while David was at a meeting I had the children help decorate the tree. They each have their own ornaments and so starting with the youngest they take turns hanging them on the tree. They also added their wrapped gifts to their sibling under the tree and wrapped Dad's gift. Now we enjoy sitting and looking at the lovely tree and there is always a game of "I spy" being played with the ornaments on the tree.

I still have some more baking I would like to finish. But the last few days have been nice for me. Until I put out all the Christmas decorations, I had forgotten how much the younger kids need that excitement. To them it signifies Christmas is getting really close, just like it did when their older siblings were their age. It was a good reminder for me to not be so scroogeish and decorate and let the younger ones also have the excitement and fun. In the next few days I'm going to pull out some of the craft boxes and help them make some things I always had the older ones do. But first we have to put away all those boxes that have cluttered the living room since last weekend awaiting to be opened and taken out to make the house a bit more merry.

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Cate said...

Sounds similar to what's going on around here. In fact, I just took the last of the Christmas boxes back up to the attic this morning. But, unlike you, we did not get out most of our Christmas stuff this year. Maybe next year.

I've been buying my oldest daughter Land's End's uniform line clothes for church for a few years now. It's so hard to find appropriate clothing for her age otherwise! My daughter has the hunter/classic navy plaid in a jumper. :-)