Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Decorations Around the House

Like other families, we've been given various Christmas decorations over the years. Here are some of ours decorating the top of the piano. (There is always open music on the piano and piles on either side and stacked on the floor.)

Normally my dining room window seat has the beautifully sewn cushion (by my good friend Amy) and pillows for a cozy place to sit.
But last winter we discovered that the bench isn't insulated therefore the cushion provided it and it actually froze to the bench. I spent a long time with a hair dryer freeing the cushion from the bench, drying with towels and air drying the cushion.

This year we took the cushion off when it turned cold providing me a place to set up my Christmas village. I don't have many pieces but I do like the ones I have.

On the other end of the bench I set up the nutcrackers. I've always loved nutcrackers. I think they are so fun to look at. The kids sure enjoy playing with them and it is fun watching them and listening in on their make-believe.

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