Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent Calendar

When my husband was growing up his family had an advent calendar which his mom had made with a group of ladies in the community. It looked similar to this:

One year we asked about that calendar. His mom gave us the old one along with the saved directions on how to make one. One of the first summers we were in our home in Illinois, I set to work making four new ones so each of David's married siblings and their families would have one as well. It was easy, yet time consuming, but well worth it. Ever since, as each Advent begins, it is the first thing we hang and the children take turns each day taking an item out of the pocket to hang on the tree.
I want to make a couple more as gifts, but typically forget until I pull it out of the box at the beginning of Advent. I really need to remember though as David's youngest brother, whom I didn't make one for before has now been married for eight years and has three young daughters who would enjoy this.

Maybe this year will be that year, I know of some ladies in the church who (I think) would enjoy having one. It sure would help with motivation and all the cutting if we were to do it all together, making several at one time.


Ewe said...

Let me know if you do have a party to make some-I would drive down and make some with you. I would love to have one and make some as gifts too. Or we could have a Looper party to make some!

Glenda said...

I'll do that Ewe!