Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 Spring, Summer, and Fall Harvest

Here's the rundown of the nuts I've stored for winter.

15 pint freezer jam
25 quarts of whole berries
9 quarts of sliced berries

Cherries (Bing)
31 and a half quart

Dill Pickles
6 quart

20 and a half quart
3 quart juice

Applesauce (canned by my mom)
54 quart

Apple Butter (canned by my mom)
9 and a half pint

Apple Jelly (canned by my mom)
11 pint

Tomato Juice
40 quart

Tomatoes quartered (both canned and frozen):
20 quart

Squash (canned by my mom)
19 and a half pint

Funny, at the beginning of the canning season, I wasn't sure I would get much canned, and look how wrong I was. All of the tomatoes and Squash were gifts from people's bountiful gardens. I think of those people all through the winter as I use up the goodies in the jars. It sure is nice to see the shelves like this once again (please ignore the rest of the mess).
Last year my mom came up in October and willingly agreed to can applesauce for us. She agreed to it again this year. That is so nice. Most of the apple butter she is taking home for herself and my nephew (who lives with her) to enjoy.

I had thought I would look for some pumpkins to can because we love pies and bars and cheesecakes and muffins all made with pumpkin. But someone called asking if we wanted butternut squash so we canned and froze that instead. I did that last year and we all liked it just fine.

Last year I did lots of spaghetti sauce and we all enjoyed that. But this year I wanted more juice, so I simply did that. Then, when I was gifted with a big bunch of tomatoes right before the first freeze, I decided to quarter them for soups and making spaghetti sauce. I'll see how it goes. It was easier to do the quartered tomatoes, but last year it sure was easy to pull the spaghetti sauce right off the shelf! I'll soon find out which side of the sauce I'll prefer to work.

I didn't get any corn this year, so once the few bags from last year are done, we'll buy from the store. The grapes didn't produce much this year so no more grape jelly but I still have a few pints from last year. I also didn't can any chow chow relish this year. I think I still have enough from last year to see us through, if not, well, we'll either do without or buy from the store.


Laura said...

Wow! That is certainly a sight to behold! What a great mom!

Glenda said...

Yes Laura she is great and I'm sure going to miss this treat when she can no longer do that (it is something she loves to do!).

I forgot to mention in my post that I used up every single jar I have this year and even bought one more case and mom brought me a case.

Ewe said...

I should do a post like this, I did triple berry, blueberry, and peach jam; cherries (thanks for the help!), beets, corn, peaches, applesauce, tomatoes, and I have a bunch of squash here to do yet. I don't have shelves so mine are in boxes for us to sort through when we want some. I froze a lot too. My problem is that after all that work, I don't want to use it, I want to save it for winter, when we should be using it now because it IS winter here now! I would have liked to have done a lot more tomatoes and some other things but gardens did not do well in our area this year.

agnusdei1996 said...

Wow! I am impressed! :) Canning is challenging to me, and now my sources for produce to can are slim to none anyhow.

Jane said...

What a beautiful sight! I have a few jars of blueberry syrup and cordial and 25 lbs of frozen blueberries, & 3 pints of apple butter. I still want to put up some applesauce and some more apple butter. My tomatoes didn't produce, so I don't have any tomatoes canned.

T & family said...

Amazing, Glenda!

How nice to use garden gifts...that's what makes canning a good deal! What a blessing to have in your area. I remember making sauce from boxes of tomatoes in Waseca!

Erin said...

Wow! Glenda, it's so pretty!

I am especially jealous of your tomatoes! I have 4 quarts on the shelves downstairs. That is all I was able to can from FOURTEEN (14!) plants.

Rebekah said...

Waaah! I wish I'd had as good a year. :( Our tomatoes just didn't do very well and now I'm going to end up buying sauce like a sucker.