Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How I Spent My Birthday (which was 9-16)

We awoke in our cabin and David crawled out of the warm covers to build this:

Yes it did make the cabin nice and toasty, and a perfect place to sit with David, drink our morning coffee, and read the day's readings out of Treasury of Daily Prayer.

Later that morning, the kids took us on a hike. They wanted to show us:

Down the trail we went,
until reaching the peaceful lake.
At one point someone looked up and said, "Look there is an eagle!"

And then we saw two (they really are there, but were flying so high they look so small):

That evening we had a cookout in one of the camp's outposts.

Sam roasted the perfect marshmallow for me to enjoy on my graham cracker.

And then the kids gave me their gift, I thought it was perfect.
As we walked back to the cabin, the sunset over the lake was beautiful. A nice end to a nice day.


Jenn said...

Happy Belated Birthday! ;)

Didn't know yours is the day after mine! ;) Of course, being off line so much lately.... ;)

Laura said...

Were you in Wisconsin? I saw the family you were with over the weekend...I had to explain to the girls that I remember them from when they were little, but now I just see them on your blog! Sounds like you had a great birthday and week!

Glenda said...


I remember *now* that you are one day older than me! Happy belated birthday to you! Enjoy that new 'puter! ;-)

Laura, yes we were in WI, our annual, much loved, much anticipated week with our good friends. More pictures of our time, and our friends will be coming!

Laura said...

Were you by the Dells? If so, you were right by my folks and my dad volunteers at Mirror Lake. :)

Glenda said...

No, much further north, up near where you vacation at a cabin (think LCMS camps). This Mirror Lake is an entirely different one from your Dad's volunteer work.